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Have A Beautiful One!

1911Foreign Language Friday: This SOTM comes via a Facebook group set up by Manos Hatzimalonast which consists of Greek SOTMs. That group is called I Was Once Told and is a lovely compliment to the SOTM idea.

This particular image was taken in Rhodes. Our subject said: "Once, one of my most loving friends told me ‘have a beautiful one’. Up to that moment, all I ever heard was the standard ‘have a good one’. It was only then that I realized how petty, colourless and indifferent was to wish to another to merely have a ‘good’ time.

"Simply having a ‘good’ time doesn't mean you are doing something which you really love doing while engaging your feelings. Ok, it’s good alright, but still begs for something more. When you are having a ‘beautiful one’ though you get just that; the feeling of being beautifully!

"You are doing something that pleases and fulfils you, something that ain’t just plain old good. I think that the most important thing is to do stuff that make us feel and make us feel beautifully, from the mundane to the extraordinary. This is how this line became my motto. One that I always try and apply, but also tell people.

"Have a beautiful one!”

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