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1850This is the excellent Kash, otherwise known as the Budget Traveller. He tells a story of a time when he visited Achill Island 11 years ago, a small island off the west coast of Ireland, which is where his best friend is from.

"He dragged me into the pub, bunch of locals looking at me in a weird way, the first Indian probably on the island. He gave me my first Guinness, I'd never drunk alcohol till then. After two pints I was really struggling, I'd been travelling all day and was really knackered.

"I said 'Paddy, I need to hit the couch'. He then told me this, and went to say that I should just enjoy the craic, enjoy the pint and have a good time. Two more pints later I was basically puking my guts out in the girls' toilets. I was so drunk I didn't even know which toilet I was in."

Taken in Porto, Portugal during the TBU travel blogging conference.

You can see our subject's smashing travel website, with lots of tips on how to get around the globe cheaply, here.

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English Mum

"I've had the pleasure of meeting Kash (we did a road trip around Florida together) and I can attest that he's taken this motto to heart. Lovely, lovely fella."

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