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Wildlife Speciation Is Beneficial To Human Speciation

1969“This is an important message, because this was a message passed down by my professor when I did my Masters in wildlife conservation,” he explains in his audio clip.

”You need to have a balance. If wildlife speciation goes from the wilderness, you will have no forest left. With no forest, you have no rivers. With no rivers, you have floods. That’s the importance of trees and the wilderness to humans. If that goes, we will go.”

Our subject is Abhishek Behl whose blog is here.

Taken in Edinburgh, Scotland during the Blogmanay event for New Year’s Eve 2012.

The Blogmanay campaign was brought to you by Edinburgh’s Hogmanay and supported by VisitScotland, ETAG, Edinburgh Festivals, Haggis Adventures and Skyscanner.

The campaign bloggers were sourced and managed by iambassador.

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