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1967Foreign Language Friday: “When I was 15 years old I already had some issues with my stepmum,” our subject explains in her audio commentary. “She was actually pregnant at the time with my half brother.

”She sent me this text message which means ‘You have the face of the devil’. She speaks Italian but we speak German together, so she was actually insulting me with a language I was just learning.

"She said I wasn’t allowed to see her family, which includes my father and the newborn baby. By now he’s six and I’ve seen one picture of him, and since then nothing.

”I had a lot of anger and pain over this. But travelling and experiencing more things has taught me that everybody is responsible for their own decisions. My father’s a grown up man, he could stand up for his own children.

This also means that therefore you are in charge of your own emotions as well - others might want to try to bring you down, but it's up to how much you let that effect you.”

”The reason I put a square around the quote was because it was a text message I got during classes at school - which my Italian teacher had to translate for me - and the capital letters were actually capital letters.

Our subject, Nadine Pober, has a travel blog which you can see here.

Taken in Edinburgh, Scotland during the Blogmanay event for New Year’s Eve 2012.

The Blogmanay campaign was brought to you by Edinburgh’s Hogmanay and supported by VisitScotland, ETAG, Edinburgh Festivals, Haggis Adventures and Skyscanner.

The campaign bloggers were sourced and managed by iambassador.

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