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You Can Trust Yourself More Than You Realize...

1873“Back in 2010 I was asked to do my first ever public speaking experience," says travel blogger Jodi Ettenberg. "I was pretty shy in high school and the idea of getting up in a room of what was 500 people was really terrifying.

”At this conference there were several keynotes on before me, and as the day went on I was more and more nervous. At some point a woman who was an incredible speaker herself, and really much more confident and who’d battled these fears herself, told me to look under my chair at my conference seat, saying ‘There’s a message there for you and I think it will help you.'

”When I looked I picked a little piece of paper that she’d taped there, which said this. It was a very simple phrase but it was exactly the kick I needed to give me some confidence at that time, right before I got on stage. I think it really did help.

Ever since then I’ve kept that little piece of paper with me and I look at it every once in a while at times when I might be worried about something or undermined in any way. It’s a comforting thing to keep with you and a comforting sentiment as well.”

Taken in Porto, Portugal during the TBU travel blogging conference.

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