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1902“It was around four years ago I think, I was living at my mum’s at the weekend. And I was quite into Lego from an early age, and this story is from when I was 17, so I was probably into it longer than I should have been.

“I spent quite a lot of money on a childhood dream, and I built – from scratch – a Star Destroyer, 1.5 metres, from Star Wars. It was my pride and joy and it took me about a month of building it at weekends at my mum’s house. It was excellent, I loved it.

”Once I’d finished it I positioned it on a stand about two metres in the air in my room. After about two weeks I came back on a weekend to a sheepish-looking mother who said this to me. I could tell by the way she looked at me that it wasn’t a harmless story.

”I went upstairs and saw the cat had approached the Star Destroyer and decided to leap onto it, crushing it. I was left with thousands of bits of Lego, scattered across the floor.”

Taken at the Baby Show in Earls Court, London, UK.

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"The cat is sorry...."

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