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1896“A very long time ago I started travelling, and on my travelling adventure I went to Penang in Malaysia. Back then I had quite a lot of problems in my life, I didn’t know what to do, had relationship problems.

“I went into this tiny little shop in Penang and there was this little wizened old man who had all these carvings of sayings in bone. It was a very tiny shop. He came up to me, didn’t say a word, picked something off the wall and gave it to me.

”On that little bone, the carving said this. And he just nodded, closed my hand over it, and ushered me out the door, without taking money. Years later, my life is amazing, and I often tell people the exact same thing that he said to me.

"It always reminds me that, a long time ago, when I wasn’t in a great place, I read that and it really, really helped me. So I hope it helps everyone else.”

Our subject is Jo Tantum, a baby sleep expert.

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