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What's The Difference Between Mary Tudor And Mary, Queen Of Scots??

1528She studies history, but when her friend Madeleine (whose birthday party this was taken at) posed this question, even this Russian lady was stumped. “She thought I would be the only person among her friends who knew the difference,” she says in her audio clip.

“I still don’t know the answer, even though she told it to me, which is absolutely shameful.” Taken in Battersea, London.

(The answer, incidentally, according to the excellent Madeline, is that they were cousins. She later wrote to me to say: “Mary Tudor: Daughter of Henry VIII, Sister of Edward VI and Elizabeth I, Queen of England, also known as Bloody Mary.

“Mary Queen of Scots: Cousin of Mary Tudor, thrown in the Tower of London by cousin Elizabeth I, Queen of Scotland, mother of James I of England, who succeeded Liz I.”)

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