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1707Our subject works for Facebook, and his office rather brilliantly has a wall on which people can write. A sort of analogue version of that website, then. Anyway, he explains in his audio clip that he used to frequent a club that had a charismatic bouncer called Moussa, originally from West Africa.

“He’s a big man and he could happily beat anyone up if he needed to but I’ve never seen him need to because he’s very funny. Even when people are being quite aggro he can usually break it down with a joke and a laugh and escort them quietly out the door.”

So our subject happens to ask Moussa why he was always cheerful, which prompted him to tell part of his life story, from his African upbringing to his life now in London with his family.

“Whenever I start to feel myself getting angry I think to myself ‘I live in a First World country’ and then the anger goes away. I’d like to be a bit more like Moussa, I think, in every day life.” Taken in Covent Garden, London, UK.

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