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1550This is the marvellous actress Beth Willis, who kindly agreed to loiter in an alley in Crystal Palace, London, for SOTM purposes. Her message comes from the fact that she has Lupus and also Hughes Syndrome, a condition which stems from problems with her immune system.

She says in her audio clip that “many people say to me, when they find this out, ‘But you look so well’.”

She added: “As a society, we accept it more readily if people who are sick are physically changed. We all need to try harder to understand other people around us who might be suffering from symptoms that we can’t actually see.”

You can find out more about Lupus - a condition which may also affect Lady Gaga - here. Beth is also an ambassador for the Hughes Syndrome Foundation.

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"You go girl! Thanks so much for raising awareness- more needs to be done until everyone knows what APS/Hughes Syndrome is!! And you look so well, lol! ;) -Kristina (a patient in the USA)"

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