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2553“So my English teacher when I was in high school, she was the first person who ever got me into theatre,” Erin says in her audio commentary.

”We had a drama club that we would do. We were always really close, she’s younger so it was easier to connect to her. She’s also the first person I ever came out to.

”She helped me feel comfortable enough to come out to my parents, all my friends at school. She was the one person who made me feel that it was ok to be who I was. When I graduated I had this whole thing where I didn’t want to say goodbye to her.

”I got her flowers from my garden and she gave me a card, and inside she wrote this whole letter to me, just detailing how I needed to stay myself. This was the last line of the card.

”I kept that card all four years of college, I lost it in a fire. I try to say that phrase as much as possible so that if I ever start doubting myself again, I still have those words of hers with me.”

Taken in San Francisco, USA during the SOTM World Tour.

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