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Just Because It Hasn't Been Proved, Doesn't Mean It Can't Be Proved

1944“When I was about five years old I lived in Winchester and we went to fireworks night," says Stu, who has his own blog. "I remember it very, very vividly because when you’re five years old, everything is massive.

”Afterwards, we walked away and I stood on top of a hill and looked at the stars. That day, a teacher had told me that the universe was infinite. I remember looking up at the stars and thinking ‘If the universe if infinite, and there’s an infinite amount of stars, why isn’t the night sky white?’

”So I asked my dad questions about that, and about my relationship with God, because I was Catholic at that time, and whether God had the answers. My dad then told me this, which means just because I didn’t have the answers right then, didn’t mean I never would. It meant a lot to me, it’s been hanging around me all my life.”

Taken at an Erotic Meet party in Soho, London, UK.

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